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About Us

At the Bod, you’ll experience high-intensity cardio with weight training to shape your body and

maximize your results in minimal time. Each day, the Bod’s expert trainers target a different

part of the body to ensure a head-to-toe transformation. And not only that, the classes are fun!

Expect to gain muscle, reduce body fat and burn more calories than you would anywhere else.

At the Bod, we believe in physical struggle and mind over matter. We believe a disruption to

your body, your mind and your comfort will inspire you to overcome the obstacles stopping you

from reaching your full potential. Don’t give up, we are here for you


About Us

At The Bod, high-intensity cardio and weight training ensure maximum results fast. Our expert trainers target different body parts daily for a complete transformation. Enjoy fun classes while gaining muscle, reducing fat, and burning calories. Embrace the challenge and push past comfort zones with our support.

As you train to become a better version of yourself, it’s important to embrace the quality

relationships of those training around you. Learn, watch, listen and apply this version of

yourself in the community. The Bod’s whole-body approach to fitness will help you connect

with your mind, body, community and the people in your life.


As you improve, value the connections with fellow trainees. Learn and apply a better version of yourself within the community. The Bod's whole-body fitness approach fosters mind-body-community connections.

About Us

From daily classes to open gym, every inch of The Bod is designed to optimize your physical outcomes. Our multifunctional training unit offers turf, free weights, kettlebells, tires, ropes, medicine balls, bikes, treadmills, stair steppers, rowers, and more!

“Make time for yourself and invest in your health.” Ty Pena, Master Trainer


Challenge 32

Challenge 32 is a plant-based, month-long nutrition program created to help you make the right food choices, lose weight, improve your appearance and elevate your fitness level. We work with you to develop a personalized nutrition and exercise program that fits your lifestyle. You even get meal plans and shopping lists. It’s that easy. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can! You can keep going after the initial 30 days, and we’ll continue to personalize your nutrition and workouts to ensure you reach your goals. Don’t wait any longer to take control of yourself and your health!


Challenge 32 has helped hundreds of members meet their weight loss goals and adopt a healthier nutritional lifestyle.


What are you waiting for? Get started today!


For more information, visit

Youth Fit Movement

Youth Fit Movement is a youth athletic program promoting wellness through fundamental

strength and movement. Inspire your child’s fitness journey by bringing them alongside your

workout for age-appropriate youth strength and movement classes with Coach Lindsey.

For more information, contact Coach Lindsey 813-431-2007 or

Instagram @youthfitmovement

Full service Pro shop nutriton

Get energized with clean fuel before your workouts or busy days. Replenish your body post-workout and restore lost nutrients. With added protein and 21 essential vitamins, our complete meal shakes provide clean, healthy energy and nutrition. Perfect for hardworking individuals striving to achieve their goals!

At The Bod, we're dedicated to realizing your fitness aspirations. Our unique facility is fully equipped, and our expert trainers are committed to your success.

5204 W Linebaugh Ave

Tampa Florida 33624

813 - 842 - 4054

Open Gym Hours

Monday - Thursday   5:30 AM - 9 PM

Friday   5:30 AM - 5 PM

Saturday   7 AM - 12 PM

Sunday   8:30 AM - 10 AM

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